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Masurota and the Intestinal Microbiota

In 2020 Deltha Pharma started a valuable collaboration with the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, in particular with Professor Cammarota and Professor Masucci of the Policlinico A. Gemelli in Rome.


The result of this collaboration is MASUROTA, a line of patented probiotics, with a composition of 9 bacterial strains, at high dosage, in gastro-resistant vegetable DR capsules.

The very innovative formulation is based on the composition of the intestinal microbiota of healthy subjects. It was created to imitate the microbiota of fecal donors for intestinal microbiota transplantation, a practice pioneered at the Policlinico A. Gemelli and still very effective today for various diseases, including serious ones.

Several tests have been carried out on the product, including the very important one, the typification of the microbiota after oral intake, in which the evolution of the composition of patients with dysbiosis was seen as well as several clinical trials are currently in progress.

Why Deltha Pharma?


Innovative formulations and cutting-edge raw materials (nanoparticles, plant stem cells) and collaborations with University Research Centers.


High-quality, high-dosage, high-titre raw materials of natural origin. All guaranteeing standardized production.


Production plant in Italy certified GMP, HACCP, allergen, bacteria and heavy metal controls. All products are Gluten free.


Validation by clinical protocols and functional synergy for correct dosage of active ingredients.