Our mission

Deltha Pharma, All Natural | All Italian

Deltha Pharma was founded in 2009 with the idea of exploiting the latest technological progress to offer the best of nature at the service of man.

Today, many things have changed, especially since the outbreak of Covid-19.

The greatest challenge is not to extend the life, but to expand it - Challenge of ageing healthy. All over the world, there is still an inadequate intake of vitamins and minerals in the diet: only 1 in 10 adults consumes the amount of fruit and vegetables recommended by the guidelines, and it is scientifically proven that supplementing our diet could prevent many diseases.


One example is vitamin D: 100% of the population is deficient in it, and every three seconds a bone breaks due to osteoporosis. Supplementation would reduce the risk by 15%: 186690 osteoporosis-related fractures could be prevented every year.


However, for products to be effective, they must be concentrated sources of quality nutrients, as defined by the Ministry of Health, and therefore have the correct dosage and title. This is Deltha Pharma's aim: to provide people with effective, innovative and high-quality supplements that accompany them throughout their lives and ensure good health.


With this in mind, from 2021 the products are also:

  • 100% natural,
  • without titanium dioxide
  • in vegetable capsules
  • gluten-free
  • lactose-free

Our company also works with the highest standards of quality and hygiene, and will soon have ISO 9001 certification for quality and ISO 14001 for environmental sustainability.


Deltha Pharma was born in Rome in 2009, given the growing interest of doctors and pharmacists in the supplement and nutraceutical sector with a list of seven launch products. Unfortunately, already during the first year of activity Deltha Pharma goes through a period of severe crisis that leads it to the brink of bankruptcy, as often happens in small Italian entrepreneurial realities. In 2011, Eng. Maria Francesca Aceti, who completely overturns the modus operandi, recreating a sales network, formulating new innovative products and implementing a debt restructuring, manages to raise the fortunes of the company within a year.
Today the company has a strong vocation towards digitization and eco-sustainability, there are 14 products in the list, some market leaders in the reference sector and is present, throughout the national territory, serving more than a thousand pharmaceutical wholesalers, cooperatives and pharmacies throughout the country.
Since 2018, Deltha Pharma has opened up to the international market, adding an export area to the company and already has established partners in many countries of Europe, Asia and Africa.

In 2021, a distribution agreement was signed with a major Chinese distributor.

The strength of Deltha Pharma is the quality of the products, thanks to which safety and efficacy are obtained.

The company has been led for 10 years by a young chemical engineer, Ing Maria Francesca Aceti, now the contact person for the branded companies of the Federsalus Study Group on probiotics, who has made quality, safety and efficacy his motto; is at the helm of a young and dynamic team, made up of various professional figures, engaged in the continuous search for new raw materials and in the development of natural products that guarantee the highest levels of quality, safety and efficacy, in compliance with firm ethical and moral principles and therefore they are really useful for the well-being of the users.

The raw materials are all exclusively natural, sourced in Italy from companies certified for quality, the extraction of the active ingredients is carried out with innovative techniques that keep the structures of the molecules unaltered.
All production batches are subjected to strict controls and analyzed for the presence of allergens, bacteria and fungi by external companies.

The manufacture of the finished product is carried out in the latest generation fully automated production plant, GMP and HACCP certified, according to standardized and pre-established procedures, carrying out all quality controls that are regularly certified by competent personnel.
In Italy, Deltha Pharma works in partnership with universities and research centers for the formulation and validation of products and is affiliated with the most important company in the category, Federsalus. It is also associated with AICE for foreign trade.

The company also works to the highest standards of quality and hygiene, ISO 9001 certifications for quality and ISO 14001 for environmental sustainability will soon be available.

The updating and continuous education of the doctor is constantly promoted by organizing and ensuring the company presence at most of the congresses and conferences of the reference sectors.

Deltha Pharma is going Green!

Deltha Pharma is actively committed to environmental sustainability, and in 2020 the “Delthapharma Green” project was born, which has now been superseded by the application for ISO 14001 certification, which includes the requirements for an environmental management system.


Deltha Pharma is committed to achieving fully sustainable management. This path is based on maximum commitment and total transparency in order to implement an environmental sustainability strategy that encompasses every aspect of the company’s operations. The program, which started on January 1st, 2020, includes a number of changes that affect both daily life in the company and certain aspects of the products.

Regarding the products:

All gadgets are plastic free and as eco-friendly as possible: that’s why we use paper pens.

The company’s R&D department is constantly striving to ensure that the raw materials used to produce the products, as well as all quality certifications, are obtained according to ethical standards and that the final products are also produced in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Every day in our company offices:

Finally, all staff are encouraged to practise behaviors that incentivize energy saving and reduce waste, and make us reduce the company’s “carbon footprint”.

Delthapharma contributes to green initiatives that help make our planet better and healthier.