Uro-gynecological line

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  • DELTHAmannosio ®



    • Complex of high-dose D-mannose (1000 mg), purified nucleotides and Cranberry titrated in HPLC
    • Adjuvant in treating and preventing acute and recurrent cystitis and in counteracting their symptoms
    • A natural help to strengthen the natural bladder defenses
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  • DelthaPROST ®



    • Presence of Teoside, an innovative substance from plant cell cultures of Ajuga reptans, useful against inflammatory state and active on 5 Alpha Reductase in synergy with pumpkin seeds with antioxidant effect and prostate growth control action (counteracting benign prostatic hypertrophy: BPH)
    • Synergy between PEA known for ALIA effect, resveratrol and phytosomal Curcuma with high bioavailability and absorption, dedicated to fight prostate inflammation
    • Addition of N-Acetylcysteine produced by fermentation, known for its decongestant and antibacterial properties
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