EPATOril ®



  • High Titration Silymarin (80%) from Sylibum Marianum (250 mg), known for hepatoprotective properties
  • A help from Rosemary, used since ancient times for its detoxifying and rebalancing action
  • No side effects typical of pharmacological treatments
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Food supplement of Sylibum Marianum and Rosmarinum officinalis.

The liver is particularly exposed to the damaging action of substances of either exogenous (alcohol, drugs, virus, etc. It is for these reasons that the maintenance of the integrity and correct functioning of the liver is necessary to safeguard the health of the individual.  Silymarin and rosemary have shown ability to protect liver cells against the damage caused by free radicals of endogenous and exogenous origin.
The usage is recommended in all cases of disorders of hepatic tropism


Product included in the supplement register of the Italian Ministry of Health under the no. 46685


Composition: 1 tablet 

Milk thistle fruit (tit. 80%)250,00 mg
Sylimarin200,00 mg
Rosemary150,00 mg

Raw materials

Food supplement made of Milk Thistle and Rosemary for a correct liver functionality.

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum)
In the Epatoril there is the Milk Thistle (250 mg), a plant known since ancient times for its beneficial effects on the liver. The properties of Milk Thistle are due to Silymarin, naturally present in fruits (seeds) in a percentage of 4%, extracted with methods that guarantee a high content of active ingredient: it is in fact titrated to 80% (200 mg of Silymarin). Another feature is the high purity, so the absence of allergens. Moreover, the Milk Thistle employed is exclusively of Italian origin.
Silymarin is a mixture composed mostly of three flavonolignans: Silybin, Silidianin and Silcristin. Taken together, these substances have shown antioxidant (ability to increase hepatic levels of glutathione) and hepatoprotectiveproperties, are able to accelerate the regenerative processes because they increase the metabolic activity of hepatocytes, act against hepatotoxic substances such as alcohol and toxins whose entering cells is prevented. As such, Silymarin is used in liver disorders, hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, intoxication and poisoning, digestive disorders related to liver dysfunction, alcoholic steatosis and problems due to alcoholism.
In addition, Silymarin would favor the production of breast milk, silibine and silicristine exert a protective effect on the kidneys from cell damage caused by paracetamol and studies on the role of silymarin in the control of glycemia and neoplastic cells are underway.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)
Another component of Epatoril is Rosemary (150 mg), a medicinal plant whose name (ros marinus: sea dew) indicates its origin, that is the Mediterranean coasts and Asia, where it grows spontaneously. Rosemary is known thanks to many properties, thanks above all to the content of essential oils such as Carnosol, Camphor and Limonene, prepared by steam distillation of the flowering branches and ends, obtaining a titration of 15% (22.5 mg of active principles).
Rosemary exerts antioxidant, detoxifying and purifying action on the liver, stimulating the production and drainage of bile (cholagogue, choleretic and cholecystocinetic effect), reduces transaminase levels and promotes digestion, elimination of waste products (slag) and of stagnations. For this reason it is used in liver diseases and biliary dyspepsias.
In addition, rosemary is an excellent general tonic, supports mood and memory (from studies published on Therapeutic Advances in Psychopharmacology and Int J of Neuroscience) and exerts a stimulating and fortifying action in states of mental and physical fatigue, is a painkiller, anti-rheumatic and antispasmodic agent, acts as a normalizer of sebum secretion and therefore excellent for oily hair and hair growth itself, is antiseptic and antibacterial, is a source of Vitamin B6, in addition to the wide use in the kitchen to aromatize foods. Last but served a positive effect against retinal degeneration, neurodegeneration and the proliferation of certain types of cancer (studies on Oncology Reports, Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry and J of Food Science).

How to use

We recommend taking 1 tablet a day or as prescribed by a doctor.